Corporate Headquarters

4Moms is a leader in developing baby-related products through innovation, passion, and the talent of its people. Guided by those three principals, BrightTree Studios designed numerous technology systems in support of their new headquarters with a focus on collaboration, branding, and flexibility.

The company was formerly located in a large, single floor facility where it was easy to locate and engage with all employees. The new headquarters, however, spans six vertical floors, adding a degree of distance and separation the company needed to overcome to maintain its internal continuity among departments and project teams. To solve this problem an RFID location system allows each employee’s location to be tracked among the 40 huddle rooms and small conference areas when they’re on site.

Wireless collaboration software allows participants with any device (laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android, etc.) to share content on an infinite number of sources located throughout the facility including a 4×4 video wall (8’ high x 14’ wide) located in the town hall/café which serves as a backdrop to the main stage where employees assemble for company meetings and events.

The corporate board room includes a 90″ LED display with high-definition videoconferencing and six under-table connection points allowing numerous participants to display content on the LED independently or simultaneously. Ceiling microphones coupled with audio processors provide state-of-the-art high quality audio for both video and audio conference calls and a 10″ touchpanel and an iPad allow complete control of the room environment including lighting, source selection, volume control, dialing, etc.

Client4MomsLocationPittsburgh, PAMarketCreative Workplace, Technology Master Planning ServicesAudiovisual: System Design and Documentation; Construction Documents; Bid and Project Management; System Commissioning; Installation