To show support for troops on Veterans Day, Synergy Media Group/BrightTree Studios joined non-profit organization Herobox to connect with and sponsor a military unit overseas. As a service-disabled, veteran-owned company, our employees wanted to do something special to give back for Veterans Day. “It’s a chance to remember and reflect on what Veterans have given to protect the freedoms we all enjoy on a daily-basis. Some Veterans have given their lives, some veterans suffered severe injuries. I think it’s important to acknowledge their sacrifices and to say thank you for their service,” says Greg Carpenter, co-founder and CEO.

Through Herobox we were connected to Heather Richards, unit leader to 3rd Infantry Division Sustainment Brigade stationed in Afghanistan. Her unit consists of five females and four males. For some, this is their first deployment. Several requested items came to a surprise for us, such as make-up for the women warriors, Holiday decorations, puzzles, games, pumpkin spice coffee creamer, and Super Hero, Star Wars and Disney figures and merchandise. Soldiers aren’t allowed candles, but oil, wax, liquid scents or anything else to make their windowless office smell nice was highly requested. It’s easy to forget that some small luxuries aren’t available for our men and women overseas. As Heather Richards remarked, “Funny what you miss when you are away.”

Heather and her unit are part of the Military Intelligence Corps. Their job is to study enemy forces and provide vital updates and information on any threats to sustainment and supply operations in Afghanistan. Although the job sounds exciting, they are often cooped up in office cubicles, making little holiday and seasonal decorations very much appreciated – “we are super excited to decorate the office!”

Synergy Media Group and BrightTree Studios are Pittsburgh-based audiovisual companies and veteran-owned businesses founded by Bill McIntosh and Greg Carpenter, both named “Top 40 Under 40 Industry Influencers” by Commercial Integrator Magazine. Bill McIntosh and Greg Carpenter have over 40 years of audiovisual experience between them. Greg’s experience began in the U.S. Army where he worked as a communication specialist. He’s no stranger to being stationed far from home. “During my enlistment of 4 years I received several care packages. I can tell you that those meant the world to a young soldier far away from his home.”



Herobox is a nonprofit organization with a mission to provide the physical and moral support our heroes need while they are away from home. We are able to achieve this mission through programs that are designed to engage America’s greatest resource—the people. Please visit at