Saluting one of BrightTree’s Heroes 

Veteran’s Day 2023  |  November 11, 2023

Veterans are a powerful force in American entrepreneurship, with 2.5 million businesses identifying as Veteran-owned across the United States.

Do you know the people behind Veteran statuses in your network?

The face behind our Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business title is BrightTree Studios and Synergy Media Group C.E.O, Greg Carpenter.

“Being young, it was just a paycheck. But the older I get, the prouder I am of that kid.”

Carpenter served in the Army from 1995-1999. Enlisting at just 18 years old, he didn’t realize what serving the country would mean to him decades later.

“Being young, it was just a paycheck. But the older I get, the prouder I am of that kid.”

Unlike some service branches, Carpenter had the opportunity to choose his military job. Thanks to advice from his stepdad, a former Marine, he was encouraged to pick a role that would translate into civilian employment.

The transition into civilian life can be challenging for veterans, with up to 44% reporting difficulties. Without early career guidance, Carpenter might not be where he is today in his career. His chosen Army role focused on communications, teaching him skills that would prove invaluable in an increasingly connected world. 

“It was a lot of pressure, especially being an 18-year-old kid. I thought I wasn’t ready for it, but the military does a great job of training.”

Aside from the general values the military instills in its members, Carpenter applies the skills he learned in his Army career to his position with BrightTree Studios and Synergy Media Group. As AV, IT, telecom, security, and acoustics designers and integrators his knowledge from the Army will be prevalent for the rest of his career.

“There are things I use everyday today, that I learned in the military. They’re teaching you life lessons and you keep those skills with you.” 

As a business owner and an Army dad, Carpenter’s patriotism has taken on new meaning. “I’m proud that my son chose the same path that I chose,” he says.

After the immense sacrifices made while serving our country, he cherishes the support systems in place to aid veterans in their transition back to civilian life.

“I feel the military has given me back more than I gave them at times. The military has given me a lot. You get your first VA home loan through the military, we’re Service-disabled Veteran-owned—we get that status because of my service.”

After his military service, Carpenter was fortunate to secure a job before leaving, thanks to a fellow veteran. “I actually look to hire Veterans,” Carpenter says. He understands the unique skills and values they bring to a workplace.

He knows firsthand the anxiety of leaving the military’s support system, which is why he’s committed to helping others transition successfully.

“You do get nervous leaving the military because you were so well taken care of. I see why members of the military struggle when they get out.”

This Veteran’s Day, and every day, we invite you to discover the stories behind the Veteran-Owned businesses within your network. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all U.S. Veterans and their sacrifices to keep our country free.

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