Washington & Jefferson College
U. Grant Miller Library

Washington & Jefferson College decided it was time for change in the U. Grant Miller Library.

BrightTree Studios created a stunning design for the library’s many study rooms and other technology spaces to unify the library’s main floor, incorporating new technologies that advance learning, inspire collaboration, and foster a focused, creative, and fun academic environment.

Six 60” displays were distributed among six group study rooms, complete with wireless laptop sharing technology and a small controller that can easily adjust audiovisual components of the display.

A slightly larger group study room included the standard group study room technologies with the addition of a Blu-ray player.

The large group study room includes all the aforementioned features but boasts a larger 70” display.

In the classroom, which supports a complete projection system, two more of these 70” displays are mounted on opposing walls and sourced by an in-room laptop with a HDMI/VGA connection. The classroom also supports a projection system. Four ceiling speakers distribute clean, even sound to all parts of the classroom, while a small button panel allows users to turn on the projection system, lower the projection screen, switch sources, and adjust volume.

Lastly, in the main area of the library, a 22-speaker paging system hangs above the main area of the library.

ClientWashington & Jefferson CollegeLocationPittsburgh, PACompletionSummer 2018MarketLibrary, Higher EducationServicesAudiovisual Systems Design