University of Pittsburgh
Scaife Hall

Scaife Hall at the University of Pittsburgh recently won an AIA Pittsburgh 2018 Design Award for its stunning architectural and interior design, which celebrates the School of Medicine’s groundbreaking past, cutting-edge present, and promising future.

These acknowledgements of Pitt medicine’s yesterday, today, and tomorrow intersect at the tribute area found on the building’s fourth floor, designed by BrightTree Studios and installed by Synergy Media Group.

A tribute wall, composed of two long video wall displays, hangs above interactive touchscreen panels for a commemorative and educational technology experience.

The overhead tribute wall is comprised of two back-to-back strips of eight 55” displays, programmed to run as a continuous strip presenting custom content provided by RLMG. These displays feature photos and fast facts about five University of Pittsburgh alumni who have made momentous contributions to the field of medicine. The eye-capturing displays attract the building’s occupants, who discover that below the tribute wall are six smaller displays showing more informational content.

These displays are interactive touchscreens on which users can learn about the five alumni featured in the tribute area, giving passersby the ability to easily tap through each doctor’s history. The Corian surface into which these displays were mounted required precise measurements for the seamless installation of the flush mount.

Ventilation and storage for all technologies were coordinated with architects PAYETTE and Moshier Studios to create a pristine technology space.

ClientUniversity of PittsburghLocationPittsburgh, PACompletionSpring 2018MarketHigher Education, Exhibit SpacesServicesAudiovisual, IT: Planning & Programming; Systems Design; Construction Documents; InstallationAwards / PressAIA Pittsburgh Design Award 2018

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