Stanford University
Graduate School of Business

Stanford University enlisted BrightTree Studios to redesign and reconfigure the technology in their classrooms and conference rooms to create state-of-the-art, distance learning environments within the Graduate School of Business. The goal of this transformation was to allow participants, both students and faculty, to communicate and learn with partners around the world, in real-time.

A video conferencing codec utilizing dual-stream technology was designed as part of the space. With a 1080p HD Videoconferencing camera mounted in the front of the rooms and three 80” LED displays mounted in the rear of the rooms, students, regardless of location, are able to take full advantage of the educational experience. A camera system and pressure sensitive activation floor mat allows automated tracking of the presenter. Just as your eye would follow the professor’s movements and gestures, the automated tracking allows participants to remotely follow the presenter creating a more engaging experience.

Twenty push-to-talk desktop microphones are located between every other seat and activated by touch when a student has a questions. By activating the microphone, the videoconferencing camera focuses on the student. When deactivated. the camera will zoom out and the microphone will become muted.

The room was also designed for the entire back wall of the classroom to be a large projection screen displaying class participants in different locations. This allows the professor to view these students as if they were an extension of the local classroom.

ClientStanford University LocationStanford, CAMarketHigher Education, Broadcast, Technology Master Planning ServicesAudiovisual: Technology Planning, Budgetary Planning, Systems Design; Construction Documents; Bid and Project Management