Hennecke Group
USA Headquarters

For more than 70 years, Hennecke has been developing and designing high-class machine and systems technology as well as process technology for polyurethane processing. The international company requires cutting-edge technology environments to support their intensive research and development work. BrightTree Studios delivered seamless, intuitive, and versatile technology systems to accommodate Hennecke’s innovative, economic, and collaborative work ethic.

Eight areas throughout Hennecke’s corporate offices received high-level technology designs: the lobby, two conference rooms, two huddle rooms, two administrative offices, and a service area.

One conference room features a wall-mounted flat panel display, spanning an impressive 82 inches and providing a stunning display in the meeting space. Mounted on the adjacent wall of the same room is a 75-inch residential television, while in the second conference room, an identical display hangs at the head of the room, sourced by a single-button clickshare device that allows users to wirelessly connect a laptop to the display with the press of a button.

The huddle rooms feature identical 50-inch LED displays, commanded by clickshare technology for effortless content sharing, and both offices contain the same 50-inch displays. The service area’s two, side-by-side 65-inch displays are sourced by a dual output, 4K mini PC, while the lobby contains another 65-inch TV.

ClientHennecke GroupLocationBridgeville, PACompletionSpring 2019Size35,000 SFMarketCorporateServicesAudiovisual: Systems Design, Planning & Programming, Installation

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