Energy Systems Group
Corporate Headquarters

Energy Systems Group (ESG) is a national energy services provider with offices in cities across the nation. ESG enrolled design videoconferencing and presentation spaces as well as a security system for the company’s headquarters, located in Evansdale, Indiana.

In the new conference rooms, any presenter can connect to the display screen with a wireless presentation system, a cloud-based sharing system, fostering a more efficient and modern wireless work environment. Users can also present by connecting a laptop to the display screen with an HDMI connection.

In order to facilitate presentations and recording functions in the boardroom, table microphones and ceiling speakers were installed with voice lift, which amplifies speakers’ voices for impeccable audio delivery. Again, wireless content sharing technology and HDMI cables were installed in the room to optimize audiovisual presentations and conferences.

Additionally, our project featured a divisible meeting room, which may be used as a combined larger space, or split into two smaller rooms. When divided, each room can act as a standalone audiovisual space, with laptop connection cables, wireless presentation and sharing capabilities, independent audio systems, and a large screen.

As a single space, this meeting room operates as one large audiovisual system, with a projection screen that covers an entire wall, and all of the aforementioned audiovisual sharing/presentation features. The audio programs feature a “combined mode” for even and high-resolution sound distribution when the room acts as a single space.

The break room, also used for casual gatherings, has four ceiling speakers and dual monitors, and can be used for both business and entertainment purposes.

We outfitted the entire building with a sound masking system to create private spaces for open collaboration that wouldn’t interrupt productivity in other spaces.

To secure the facility, we established a high-capacity wireless surveillance security system with web-based access control, allowing users to remotely manage things like door security and employee access through local, web-based, or mobile streaming options.

After the installation, we trained our client’s team on how to use all of these programs to augment in-office process, inspire creative and productive company solutions, and streamline collaborative work in a secure work environment.

ClientEnergy Systems GroupLocationEvansdale, INCompletionSpring 2018MarketCreative WorkplaceServicesAudiovisual, IT, Security: Planning & Programming; Systems Design; Construction Documents; Programming; Training

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