Clemson University
School of Business

The new Clemson University School of Business building will incorporate cutting-edge technology for an enhanced student/instructor/participant experience that enables collaboration, productivity, and creativity in new and exciting ways. Still in the process of design, we are working closely with our client to include the following in our designs:

• An advanced business simulation lab outfitted with sophisticated software for research and interactivity and equipped with technology like headphones, video cameras, televisions, and two Q-sensors to monitor physiological responses to stimuli
• A professional sales lab for honing presentation, negotiation, and relationship management skills that features all necessary video recording, editing, and playback technology and software, as well as a debriefing room
• Behavior labs for research, programming, and experimentation
• A real-time analysis and investment lab with multiple workstations to mimic real trading desks, complete with technology for news and information, industry-standard applications used by investment banks, money managers, and hedge funds, and unsurpassed trading and portfolio simulation tools

The layout of these spaces will consider all users, allowing instructors to monitor student progress, as well as access individual students’ work/workspaces when necessary. Some designs mimic real business platforms, such as Wall Street trading desks, and our technology designs compliment all audio, visual, and security needs in these spaces.

These designs enable student learning in spaces that are intuitive, accessible, interactive, and smart, all within realistic business environments for a progressive, comprehensive, and hands-on education.

All images are architect renderings.

ClientClemson UniversityLocationClemson, SCCompletionin progressSize70,000 SFMarketHigher Education, Business SimulationServicesAudiovisual: Planning & Programming; Systems Design; Construction Documents

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