West Virginia University honors its rich history in the medical field through the new William A. Neal Museum of the Health Sciences. The Museum showcases a comprehensive collection of exhibits that explore the history of WVU’s Schools of Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Nursing, and Public Health. With 150 years of achievements and discoveries, the museum serves as a testament to West Virginia University’s contributions to the medical field.

Visitors can engage with the exhibits within the museum walls, learning more about essential milestones and discoveries. The museum features health-related artifacts, medical manuscripts, and several items from the WVU archives. These exhibits work to shed light on the remarkable advancements and discoveries that have shaped healthcare today.

Many exhibits feature touch screen displays and audio systems that allow visitors to have an interactive experience while exploring the history within the museum. In addition to expansive exhibits, the Museum of Health Sciences also houses a multimedia theater and an Anatomy Simulation Table, where students and community members can further immerse themselves in the vast history of the University’s involvement with Health Sciences.

By celebrating the rich history and legacy through the Museum of the Health Sciences, West Virginia University not only honors its past but also inspires future generations to continue in the pursuit of excellence within the health sciences.

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West Virginia University
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