West Virginia University’s Athletic Performance Center (APC) offers coaches, players, scouts, and major league sport executives a world-class athletic experience that proves WVU’s commitment to its athletes.

Available to all athletes participating in WVU’s Olympic sports, the APC is home to specialized strength and conditioning training spaces, as well as various rehabilitation spaces and nutrition services. Audiovisual designs were provided in order to integrate new technology seamlessly into the existing architecture. Throughout the center, athletes and coaches are able to track stats in real-time and monitor for overall improvement with the help of an array of video walls & screens. This technology gives athletes and coaches unparalleled information that pushes advancement and vigilance.

A high-performance audio system is incorporated into the strength and conditioning area, providing an enhanced training experience. Athletes also have access to treatment, hydrotherapy, and rehabilitation areas in which they can stream video and audio from their mobile devices.

The new Athletic Performance Center equips WVU student-athletes, coaches, and staff with access to an Olympic level training facility. The center is aligned with the University’s goals of enhancing physical capabilities and placing them on par with conference and national opponents.

Omni Architects
West Virginia University
21,000 SF