Fargo Veterans Affairs Hospital

The VA Medical Center of Fargo underwent a large-scale infrastructure upgrade, to enhance the facility’s electric distribution system and IT infrastructure to accommodate the new Electronic Health Record Management (EHRM) system. The project consists of a wide range of improvements that cover the main hospital and also nine outbuildings, spanning 400,000GSF.

The existing fiber optic system throughout the buildings has been upgraded, ensuring connectivity to each IT closet. Redundant fiber pathways, entrance rooms, and dual pathways of multimode fiber to each telecom room have been implemented. The cable pathways have been optimized, and various telecom rooms have undergone improvements. All existing Cat cabling has been replaced with Cat6A cables, ensuring optimized network performance.

A new main fiber line has been established from the provider point into the building consisting of upgraded ethernet cabling from IT closets to data drops, adding new IT outlets, and enhancing electrical outlets throughout the facility. Special attention has been given to providing additional normal, critical, and uninterruptible power supply outlets in IT closets. Also, the facility’s power distribution system was remodeled to meet the demands of the modernized infrastructure.

By undertaking these extensive improvements, the VA Medical Center of Fargo has created a robust and efficient network infrastructure capable of supporting advancements in healthcare record distribution.

United States Department
of Veterans Affairs
400,000 SF

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