The University of Pittsburgh has renovated Scaife Hall, home to the University’s School of Medicine, to modernize the space and highlight the University’s contributions to scientific research. Ranked nationally in the top ten recipients of research funding from the National Institutes of Health, the School of Medicine takes pride in their achievements and strives to continue their position as a leader in medical research.

The modernizations begin in the lobby, showcasing a 32-foot-long video wall that honors three of the University’s most prominent alumni and their contributions to medical research. The exhibit space is divided into two sections, featuring interactive kiosks and a video display ribbon. Visitors can view an educational presentation on the large overhead display or learn more about the honorees on one of the touchscreen interactive kiosks.

To ensure seamless control and management of the setup, there is a master control panel to manage the power system and select different view sources for the video wall. The touch panel also controls the volume of any video playing in the exhibition space, ensuring an optimal audiovisual experience for visitors.

The University’s goals of updating the space’s technology to highlight alumni contributions to scientific research were completed through this project. The renovations spotlight their contributions to scientific research, driving current students to continue making real-world strides in the field of medicine.

University of Pittsburgh

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