Phase 3 of SUNY Upstateā€™s renovations were focused on modernizing the Department of Laboratory Animal Resources (DLAR) while also incorporating new medical units, improved animal housing facilities, dedicated spaces for students and faculty, and ensuring that the utmost care will be taken to allow for the best treatment of animals and to ensure the facility follows all state and federal regulations. The 18,000GSF facility underwent comprehensive changes to meet the evolving needs of scientific research.

One of the key additions to the facility is the inclusion of state-of-the-art wet labs, which provide specialized spaces for conducting research involving fluids and live specimens. Designated holding areas were implemented to cater specifically to aquatic animals, ensuring their welfare and facilitating optimal care. In addition, a separate area for quarantining new arrivals and housing sick animals was established, enhancing health management and the well-being of the animal population within the DLAR. Access control points and video surveillance will be added to entrances and laboratories to enforce a secure environment for students, staff, and the animals.

SUNY Upstate aspired to achieve accreditation from the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International (AAALAC) through these renovations and upgrades. This prestigious accreditation recognizes institutions that uphold the highest standards of animal care, welfare, and research practices.

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