SUNY Farmingdale has set out on a new endeavor to enhance learning spaces throughout Sinclair Hall. The institution aims to upgrade its facilities to ensure optimal learning experiences while prioritizing safety and security.

Spreading 43,444GSF, all classrooms, the Mock Courtroom, and the Forensics Laboratory have been equipped with upgraded projection systems and ceiling-mounted speaker systems to elevate the learning environment. These facilities support the students within the Criminal Justice Department, giving them the opportunity to participate in mock crime scene investigations and trials. This is an invaluable asset for students to explore career paths and develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. A centralized control system positioned at the front of each classroom seamlessly manages these audiovisual components.

Additionally, the classrooms have been tailored for active learning, featuring group monitors and equipment that allow students to use their laptops as sources for the projection system. Outdoor walkways have been added, flooding the interior spaces with ample natural lighting, fostering a pleasant and invigorating atmosphere. In recognition of the vital role faculty members play, the renovation includes updated offices for the esteemed teaching staff.

These refreshed workspaces provide a conducive environment for productivity and creativity. These transformative improvements empower students and faculty alike to thrive in an enriched educational setting, promoting engagement, innovation, and collaboration.

JMZ Architects
SUNY Farmingdale
43,000 SF