In efforts to modernize its campus, Shippensburg University is renovating and expanding the existing Franklin Science Center for optimal student use. Expansions to the facility result in a 125,000GSF building, which continues to support the University’s science programs and existing research. The spaces will be transformed into fully digital, interactive spaces for students and faculty use. The renovated Franklin Center will promote sustainability and collaboration through the introduction of interactive workspaces.

Movable furniture within classrooms encourages active learning, enriching the overall educational experience for students. Open spaces within the building will be designated for “town hall” events, facilitating engagement with the Shippensburg University community.

To provide students with more comprehensive laboratory experiences, the new addition to the Science Center includes a dedicated greenhouse and a vivarium. These additions will enable students to conduct detailed research in a controlled environment. Furthermore, all classrooms and laboratories are designed with flexibility in mind, allowing them to adapt to future technological advancements and scientific initiatives.

Sustainability is a key focus of the project, with the University committed to following LEED standards and designing the Science Center as a high-performance building. The project achieved a 10 percent reduction in energy consumption, promoting environmental responsibility while creating a modern and efficient facility for students and faculty.

Shippensburg University
125,000 SF