The School of Engineering and Applied Sciences is a testament to Princeton University’s outstanding engineering program and its commitment to innovating STEM education. Over the past decade, enrollment in computer science courses has quadrupled, and to meet the growing demand, the University is renovating and expanding the existing Guyot Hall into the newly named 223,000GSF Schmidt Hall, bringing new life to the historic structure.

Schmidt Hall is home to the Department of Computer Science, the Center for Information Technology Policy, the Center for Statistics and Machine Learning, and the Princeton Institute for Computational Science and Engineering. This facility will offer dedicated learning spaces for each group, fostering collaboration and innovation. It features transformable classrooms, allowing students to host gatherings and activities, and supply crucial support functions to ensure smooth room operation.

The building will also act as a swing space for the University, designed to be a flexible, well-lit shell that can be adapted for future needs. This will serve as a temporary facility to address any future expansion requirements or program changes, which shows the University’s commitment to adaptability and long-term planning.

With the development of Schmidt Hall, Princeton University’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences is better equipped than ever to meet the evolving demands of the computer science industry.

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