Upcoming renovations to Osmond Hall at Penn State University includes state-of-the-art Physics labs for both undergraduate and graduate level students. The project’s renovation is set to update 2 lecture halls and upgrade existing facilities to accommodate the needs of the Physics program.

The lecture halls will feature updated technology systems to enhance educator instruction for classes. The systems include projectors, projector screens, extra displays for steep-view seating, and a speaker system to ensure audio is transmitted well throughout the classroom during class.

An open collaboration space allows students to share ideas and connect with one another easily, and conference rooms are available for private group meetings and study sessions. The renovation will also upgrade several laboratories and support spaces including a high bay maker space, a shared prep lab, a synthesis lab, a tissue culture room, and a dedicated clean room.

Penn State’s mission to offer ultramodern resources and spaces for students to excel in their school and professional careers is highlighted by the newly renovated facility. These tools have been seamlessly integrated into the space, giving students a place to collaborate, innovate, and excel in their field.

Penn State University
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