The Integrative Sciences Building furthers the mission of NC State University by providing much-needed STEM teaching and research space.  Embracing new models for sciences teaching and research, the ISB integrates STEM education with the grand challenges of society, inspiring new, interdisciplinary approaches to the sciences.

This building exemplifies the very best of NC State’s values and aspirations. Located in the heart of North Campus, it serves as a crossroads for campus connectivity and student learning. The Integrative Sciences Building is an inspiring, flexible model for academic and research creativity that is focused on collaboration, discovery, and transfer of knowledge.

The building design promotes creativity & collaboration and showcases & celebrate the sciences at NC State. The Integrative Sciences Building is a flexible, interdisciplinary sciences building with a focus on chemistry, biochemistry and biotechnology. The building is comprised of classrooms, teaching labs, research labs, research core facilities, collaboration/study space, and office space. The research/core facility space clocks in at about 45% of the total space inventory.

Moseley Architects
ZGF Architects
North Carolina State University
145,000 SF