North Carolina State University is constructing a brand-new science facility to push their mission by providing much-needed STEM teaching and research space. The Integrative Sciences Building (ISB) is a flexible, interdisciplinary sciences building with a focus on chemistry, biochemistry and biotechnology. The facility embraces innovative models for learning, and fosters an interdisciplinary approach to scientific exploration. Positioned at the heart of North Campus, this building transforms campus into a a hive of scientific innovation and education, further embodying the University’s mission.

At 153,000GSF, the ISB is home to classrooms, teaching and research laboratories, research-core facilities, collaboration space, and office space. The research/core space clocks in at about 45% of the total space inventory. Aligning with NCSU’s STEM advances, this space provides students with the space and materials needed to create new kinds of molecules, image & visualize molecules, and work to develop technologies that use these molecules to fast-track new developments.

Alongside state-of-the-art chemistry and biology laboratories, students will have access to both biotechnology and data visualization laboratories which provide hands-on, innovative learning experiences. The Visualization laboratory will act as an immersive classroom, giving students a deeper understanding of the materials they are currently learning about and working with.

A Mega-Laboratory for 3rd and 4th year students has the capability to service up to 60 students in a wet-lab environment. Students will have access to ample prep space and hood alcoves for working with sensitive materials.

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North Carolina State University
145,000 SF