The Department of General Services of Pennsylvania is constructing a brand-new Forensic Psychiatric building at Norristown State Hospital. Serving as one of only two forensic psychiatric hospitals in Pennsylvania, Norristown State Hospital plays a vital role in providing services to the entire eastern region of the state.

Given the unique security requirements for forensic psychiatric patients, the new building was designed to prioritize both treatment and safety needs for patients and staff. In addition to a video surveillance system providing a secure perimeter, the building features access-controlled doors on both the interior and exterior. Beyond increasing patient living units, the building includes modernized treatment, administration, and functional spaces to ensure that all forensic patient services and operations are executed in the same facility.

Through the collaboration between the Department of General Services and our expert team, the new Forensic Psychiatric building at Norristown State Hospital provides a cutting-edge environment that meets the long-term demand for forensic psychiatric bed capacity. The project underscores our commitment to delivering audiovisual, IT, and security designs that prioritize safety, efficiency, and the successful treatment of forensic psychiatric patients.

Pennsylvania Department of General Services