To foster a progressive, cutting-edge working space, BrightTree Studios designed technology for Motional’s new corporate headquarters for APTIV spanning 88,000GSF with the company’s STEM-centered needs in mind. APTIV builds and tests autonomous vehicles and providing designs that supported audio & video conferencing, presentations, and the robust infrastructure and security systems required to do such high-level engineering work was at top-of-mind throughout the project timeline.

The testing garage space is a highlight of the facility, to reflect the importance of the space, the designs worked to integrate the need for safer transportation and improved quality of life. This is done through high quality video conferencing infrastructure, allowing for real time hybrid meetings with clients and external team members.

Additionally, conference rooms, an executive board room, cafeteria spaces, and the office lobby were included in the building design to ensure a collaborative and comfortable environment. The convenience and flexibility of multiple cafeteria spaces further enhances the experience at work and leads to a more positive and goal-driven workplace community.

The executive board room gives APTIV the ability to hold large town hall meetings for on-site and remote staff which opens up new opportunities for teamwork, conceptualization, and execution.

Desmone Architects
66,000 SF