Part of the all new Center for Virtual Learning, Ferris State University is officially launching their eSports Arena and companion programs. In addition to competing, members of the eSports Club will have the opportunity to learn the production side of the industry. In addition, Ferris State is currently creating a degree in eSports, fully launching them into the rapidly expanding industry. Alongside learning opportunities, the eSports Club hosts weekly Twitch broadcasts and will eventually grow to begin competing against other College & Universities eSports leagues.

With space for up to 20 gamers and a full audience, the space will feature a digital scoreboard for easy viewing. Each gamer station will be outfitted with a 1080FPS PTZOptics camera which will have the ability to stream to the digital scoreboard alongside gameplay. Ceiling speakers allow for announcer audio and music to be broadcasted throughout the room during gaming events. Additionally, 2 75″ LG Displays will accompany the spectator viewing area which will serve both live stream video viewing and digital signage when not in use for gameplay.

The eSports teaching space features a room spanning projection screen and movable furniture to accommodate students. The space also has the ability to combine space and room technologies with the Cyber Challenge room to create a larger learning and activity space. This also gives instructors the ability to use the larger space but still have two different activities running in each “room”. An 86″ interactive flat panel rounds out the learning space, serving presentations, whiteboarding, and collaboration solutions.

Show production students will have the capability to program automated lighting and audio for events within the space. They will also gain professional experience managing live streamed events and working with several live cameras and gameplay feeds. Topping off the room is a wall mounted touch panel giving staff and faculty control of main systems within the space.

Ferris State University
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