With a comprehensive audiovisual system, this 3,010GSF boardroom facilitates seamless meetings and presentations in a world-class corporate environment. Twelve retractable monitors are incorporated into the boardroom’s main table, creating an impressive display of highly useful technology to support board meetings, conferences, and presentations.

Additionally, push-to-talk microphones with LED light indicators sit evenly distributed across the main table. The table also features a touchpanel that controls audio conferencing, program volume, the retractable monitors, microphone activity, and overall room lighting. This table sits below a staggering LCD video wall reaching nearly 16 feet in length, which displays content that can be mirrored by every table monitor in the room. A cluster of four elongated rows of tables and an additional 10 retractable monitors overlook the main table and video wall. These supplementary tables also include audio capability to ensure ease during presentations and meetings.

The boardroom utilizes a multi-camera system to streamline meetings, supporting video functionality that can capture any part of the room on camera, managed by an adjacent high-level control room, where operators can stream camera feeds, operate sound and lighting, distribute and observe monitor display content, and share boardroom audio. Supplementary to the boardroom is an 800GSF reception area with a three-by-three video wall overlooking lobby space and a greeting desk. All of these elements culminate in a modernized, functional workplace.

[Confidential Healthcare Provider]
3,010 SF