The expansion of Clemson University’s Daniel Hall enhances students and faculty’s educational and instructional experiences. The project will seamlessly integrate technology as a silent partner within Daniel Hall. The expansion of the building resulted in a 75,000GSF hub for general education courses.

New classrooms provide dynamic and engaging environments that will promote collaborative problem-solving, critical thinking, and hands-on learning experiences. The expansion includes a 250-seat auditorium, which will accommodate larger lectures, presentations, and campus events, enriching the academic and cultural experiences of the University community.

Recognizing the value of informal collaboration and peer interaction, dedicated collaboration areas will be incorporated throughout the space. These spaces will provide students an environment to collaborate, exchange ideas, and engage in discussions between classes. A café will also be included, offering a convenient dining option for students between classes. A collaborative lounge will provide a comfortable atmosphere for studying, socializing, and connecting with peers.

Through the seamless integration of Daniel Hall with Cooper Library and the interior bridge connection to the Humanities Hall, students have access to a comprehensive range of resources and spaces to support their academic pursuits, collaboration, and personal growth.

Lord, Aeck & Sargent
Clemson University
75,000 SF