The City of Pittsburgh has renovated East Liberty’s Fire and Police Station, which will bring the historic building’s interior up to today’s code of standards. To create an updated and functional space, new additions to the building have been implemented, including several meeting rooms that are all equipped with state-of-the-art technology to facilitate collaboration and provide seamless presentations.

Additionally, a training room was designed with technology to support remote learning activities. An upgraded security system was installed alongside the ongoing renovations, including video surveillance and access control systems that meet the standards of the Bureau of Police and Fire. In addition, an intrusion detection system allows for remote monitoring of the facility for unauthorized entry and other disturbances. The detection system is fully integrated with the access control system, allowing for remote arming/disarming of the building’s security system.

Added features include a public lobby outfitted with digital displays for news and public notices, and a fitness center with Bluetooth capabilities and a built-in speaker system. This modernization aims to improve the ever-important communication and engagement between the station and the community it serves.

The renovation of the East Liberty Fire and Police Station represents a significant investment by the City of Pittsburgh to revitalize a historical landmark and create a modern, efficient, and secure working environment for its dedicated first responders.

City of Pittsburgh
27,000 SF