Carnegie Mellon University’s Hamerschlag Hall Commons continues to foster a sense of community and neighborhood commons around campus. The neighborhood commons serve as a gathering place for students to study, host small-scale events, and connect with one another. At 6,000GSF, the new commons feature a multiple-purpose area, art room, active wellness room, music room, and much more.

In addition, students living in the building will have access to a movie and gaming room and dedicated study spaces. The university wants to provide places for students to feel connected, while also having access to high-quality amenities. These spaces create an inviting and modern environment where students can engage and interact beyond the boundaries of a traditional classroom.

Through the thoughtful design of Hamerschlag Hall Commons, Carnegie Mellon University shows its dedication and impact to cultivating a vibrant and interconnected campus community. This new facility serves as a central gathering place, promoting interaction, collaboration and creativity amongst students.

Carnegie Mellon University
6,000 SF