Carnegie Mellon University’s Carnegie Institute of Technology College of Engineering is committed to providing maker resources to undergraduate and graduate students, fostering innovation across all scales. ANSYS Hall serves as a hub for interdisciplinary making resources, catering to the needs of students, faculty, and researchers.

Spanning 36,000GSF, it houses a simulation building and an undergraduate maker center offering a wide range of cutting-edge facilities that promote comprehensive and integrated engineering experiences.

The expansive high bay maker space and courtyard gives students access to work areas, accommodating large-scale engineering projects that require garage-sized work bays. The facility includes collaborative spaces, designed for heightened interaction among faculty, students, and staff. These spaces encourage the sharing of ideas and promote a collaborative learning environment. The physics-based simulation facilities integrate with the design collaboration spaces, enabling teams to effectively work in tandem on complex projects.

ANSYS Hall gives students, faculty, and researchers the facilities and materials to explore and bring ideas to life. The facility’s commitment to interdisciplinary collaboration and access to cutting-edge technology ensures that those from various disciplines can collaborate, innovate, and make advancements in engineering.

Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
Carnegie Mellon University
36,000 SF