Carlow University embarked on a transformative journey to modernize its nursing program, resulting in the cutting-edge Curran Hall Nursing Simulation Laboratory. The centerpiece of the lab is an advanced learning management system, enabling easy access to recordings of student work conducted in the simulation rooms. These rooms, equipped with smart Mannikins, utilize software to mimic patient actions and reactions, immersing students in a realistic healthcare environment for hands-on learning.

In the simulation rooms, students develop a wide range of skills for professional healthcare practice, such as checking vital signs, conducting checkups, and perfecting bedside manners. The labs are accompanied by debriefing rooms and control rooms, each featuring a control station for seamless operations. The control room is equipped with a versatile audio system that allows instructors to provide directions during simulations or communicate as the Mannikin itself, heightening the authenticity of the experience.

Students also have access to a skills refinement lab, which gives them the opportunity to further train their skills. The lab contains nine fully equipped nursing stations, with a Mannikin at each bed. At the front of the room, instructors can demonstrate various procedures by projecting live videos of their work onto displays positioned above each student bed.

IKM Architects
Carlow University
6,000 SF