PennWest California University strives to provide students with the proper preparation for their careers through state-of-the-art technology in their classrooms. BrightTree Studios provided strategic technology planning services to PennWest California to identify which classrooms needed upgrades and which technology needs best suited each.

High definition projection, electric screens, touchpanel control, speakers, microphones, annotation, and multiple sources were included in half of the classrooms. In the other half, dual high definition projectors, dual high definition projection screens, two 50” LCD confidence monitors, Crestron Digital Media, Crestron control System, quad-view processor, Cisco C60 video conferencing, multiple microphones, MediaSite classroom recording and video streaming, annotation, and a 4” touchpanel at every student seat were added. These working elements in a classroom are crucial to comfortability, concentration, and success.

With the touchpanels, students are able to create a digital nametag and anonymously respond to the professors’ questions. This gives professors the chance to call on and learn students’ names plus real-time polling results and gives students the ability to participate in class, which is extremely beneficial for both parties. It fosters a paramount environment of inclusion, comfortability, participation, and personal connection through seamless technological upgrades.

The University’s pursuit of keeping the latest technology in classrooms to aid in building students’ future careers continues to thrive through the modernizations of Duda Hall.

California University of Pennsylvania
80 classrooms