BNY Mellon’s Innovation Center is a leading-edge 32,000GSF technology space on the 12th floor of the company’s Pittsburgh, PA headquarters that encompasses the objective to encourage cross-disciplinary interaction and gathering. The focus of the technology design was to enable efficient staff breakout meetings, hackathons, collaboration sessions, guest presentations, and events.

The Center features a technology wall and training room that can be divided into smaller sections to cater to group training and small breakout sessions. Catering to the company’s multimedia needs, employees have access to a mobile studio cart, for recording and streaming live shots, interviews, and marketing videos.

The War Room serves as an executive meeting space with the capability of standards-based VTC. This space is used for VIPs and hosting other corporations; it features panels arranged parallel to each other throughout the room that can run in conjunction with the same content or independently showcase multiple presentations.

The Use-Ability Lab is equipped with flat panels and cameras designed for the recording of focus group participants interacting with the company’s products. This allows for in-depth analysis and evaluation of user experiences. The Innovation Center seamlessly integrates technology into the BNY Mellon headquarters, and serves as a hub for collaboration, innovation, and interaction between employees of all disciplines.

Wildman Chalmers
BNY Mellon
32,000 SF