4moms develops juvenile products through innovation, passion, and people. Using those three principals, we designed numerous technology systems in support of spaces that would enhance their new headquarters with a focus on collaboration, branding, and flexibility.

One of the focuses of 4moms was the ability to leverage their marketing messages across all of the spaces in their new office. Using streaming technologies, we were able to create a centralized location with a few source computers where all of their marketing videos and messages lived, and then, with a few swipes of the finger, either push their messages to all display locations, or have employees pull up the marketing messages wherever they are in the office.

A 4×4 video wall is located in the forum area, which also doubles as a collaborative cafe allowing for active collaboration between teams. As a backdrop to the stage, the powerful display punctuates the quarterly State of the Company or Keynote presentation by wirelessly sharing 4k content

The corporate board room includes a 90″ LED display with high-definition video conferencing capabilities. Six under-table connection points allow numerous participants to display content on the LED independently or simultaneously. Wireless collaboration software allows any participant to display an infinite number of sources on the screens.

65,000 SF