Hybrid Workplace Tech Q&A

BrightTree Studios’ Remote Team Q&A | January 22, 2024

While most workplaces are back in the office, not everyone is still sitting in a cubicle.

Many people around the country have taken on hybrid or completely remote roles. With technology, it’s easier than ever to connect with all employees no matter where their office is that day.

At BrightTree Studios we have an in-office team and several remote offices. Here are 3 questions answered by a few people on our very own remote team.

Josh Thede

Acoustics Lead


Kyle Stille

IT/ Telecom & Security Designer


Carlos Pagàn

Telecom Designer 


Q. How can organizations effectively navigate and implement workplace technology to cater to the needs of both remote and in-person employees?

Josh Thede:

A: Flexibility, lots of conference rooms/ phone booths/ huddle rooms for workers to choose different spaces for different activities.

Kyle Stille:

A: When it comes to designing huddle rooms, on the telecommunications side of things, I always add in extra data ports to match office configurations- as all owners expect to turn them into offices eventually.

Carlos Pagàn:

A: Having access to multiple collaboration platforms is key. Not every company uses the same video conferencing platform and the ability to switch is vital.

Q. What are some key factors on the office team’s side that help advance a remote team member’s productivity and experience?

Josh Thede:

A: Source rooms should have good sound absorption and isolated from background noise so the microphone doesn’t pick up too much feedback.

  • Multiple camera angles is nice.
  • Ability to share screen and markup documents together during meetings is helpful.

Kyle Stille:

A: Huddle rooms- They’re good for group meetings. I think Microsoft Onenote, Bluebeam studios, and Autodesk Revit cloud projects are all helpful.

Carlos Pagàn:

A: Availability is key. Team members must be vocal and available for one another to maintain collaborative efforts. Dedicated rooms backed by technology certainly helps.

Q. What are key technologies that enhance your experience as a remote employee?

Josh Thede:

A: Fun communications via Slack and Teams.

  • VPN for project files.
  • Web based apps for timesheets and PTO instead of tedious internal programs or old fashioned paper and pencil HR forms.
  • Fast Wi-Fi, good audio, and good video at remote location are a must for video calls.
  • Noise cancelling headset (both microphone and headphones have noise cancellation technology).

Kyle Stille:

A: I think it’s important to have a decent desk setup. When we moved to Massachusetts I bought myself an Ikea Utespelare desk, and a USB switch.

Carlos Pagàn:

A: BIM360- Without this it simply is not as feasible.

  • The ability to coordinate in real time on documents from anywhere allows for our team to function, in the digital realm, as if we are across the office from one another.

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