Below is an excerpt from the 13 September 2018 expert roundup article on technology for improving the employee experience published by David Roe of CMSWire.

There are number of implications for employee experiences that follow-on from the rise of remote working. Christian Na of BrightTree Studios, a technology design and consulting firm headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, says that the remote working has created three issues for the physical workplaces they are connected to:

Downsizing offices – As corporate offices downsize due to remote workers, these remote workers still visit the office from time to time using shared desks. A technology experience can be created that allows employees to use an app to see if desks are available prior to coming into the office and reserve a desk in their favorite spot.

Employee tracking – With people tracking technology, we can know what floor each individual employee is on so that we don’t have to go searching for them. As a result, managers can increase face-to-face interactions, collaboration, and efficiency by knowing where people are in the building, and enabling easy, quick access to other employees.

Connected conference rooms – By integrating the office’s corporate conference room technology into the corporate calendar, employees can walk into a conference room and the room will automatically turn on all equipment and dial the video conference call without the hassle of the user pressing any buttons. This accelerates setup time for presentations and audio/video conferences, allowing employees to focus on their actual work, not the technology with which they’re trying to share it.

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