On March 3, 2022 BrightTree Studios hosted our open house after launching our new headquarters. Not just a chance to show off our new home, but also to show off our talents – after all, we designed and installed all AV, IT, and Security systems for the new office. 

Throughout our space, we have conferencing and Zoom rooms named after some of our first clients. During the event, our guests had the opportunity to go into each room and view photos and systems drawings of the projects we worked on. We also got to show off our brand new recording studio for the first time, where we are cooking up some fresh ideas for 2022!

In addition to getting to see many of our industry peers (some for the first time!) we were also visited by Mary Beth Meyer from CCAC South Campus who brought along some of her current CAD students. The students were given a tour of the office as well as a short talk on what our designers do on a day to day basis. Ms. Meyer also taught some of the BrightTree team as well, Chris Fetter, Adriana Vencato, and Andrew Smith all being alumni of the program.

Alongside tours and chatting, our guests took part in a small cornhole tournament, as well as a few games of Mario Kart. Emily Larsen showcased her cooking talents by providing a robust menu for the event as well as several different cooking demonstrations & learning experiences throughout the night. Joshua Robert rounded out the event with his acoustic guitar and vocal talents all evening.

We’re so grateful for all of the relationships we’ve formed over the years and are so happy we got to celebrate with everyone! We cannot wait to host more events in our new space, and cannot thank everyone enough for attending and for all of your kind words.

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