BrightTree Studios is branching out! We have recently opened an office in the metro-D.C. area.

With projects spanning the east coast, revenue increases, and a growing team, we couldn’t help but expand. Driven by our collaborative and eclectic project ethic, inspired by our passion for working in new and challenging environments, and bolstered by the ongoing growth of technology in D.C., our new office seems an appropriate next step to accommodate BrightTree’s growth.

Brian Gross, CTS-I, CTS-D

Spearheading this expansion is AES fellow Brian Gross, CTS-I, CTS-D. Brian’s extensive network, industry experience, and technology design know-how make him an invaluable asset to the BrightTree Studios design team, and a key component of our firm’s out-of-state development.

Though the BrightTree design team can work anywhere (see some of our far-away projects here, here, and here), our emergence in the metro-D.C. area will mean greater access to the federal government marketplace, as well as widespread growth in other regions of Washington, Baltimore, and northern Virginia.

We believe that extending BrightTree’s reach into D.C.’s unique market base is an important step both for our firm and for D.C.’s tech scene. For us, it’s an opportunity to lend our services to a new demographic and fine-tune our skills to keep our clients on the bleeding edge. And since we are a certified Service Disabled Veteran Owner Small Business (SDVOSB) by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs, we know we are an excellent fit for the D.C. area.

As is the case almost anywhere, D.C. presents a demanding set of challenges for a technology design firm – security challenges, architectural challenges, time challenges – but what amplifies all of these is the kind of spotlight only a company operating in D.C. feels, and the consequently fast-paced, high-pressure work environment to which it must adjust.

But designer and industry expert Brian Gross feels confident in the new office.

“Certifications and such are very important, but what a lot of the industry is missing is absolute experience,” Brian says. “Knowledge doesn’t equate to experience, and process doesn’t automatically mean success.”

With almost 38 years of hands-on industry experience, Brian has seen everything that can go right, wrong, or in between in technology design. In fact, for 15 years, Brian successfully ran his own technology firm. A self-starter who solves problems and gets things done, Brian is known in the industry for his work, and feels comfortable leading BrightTree Studios in this new and exciting direction.

Our team understands that successful technology design is about more than what comes off the shelf – it’s about establishing relationships with clients and customizing to their individual needs. With years of our own experience in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas and a readiness to take on D.C., the time for an expansion couldn’t be better.

Our new D.C. address is 1300 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Suite 190-628, DC 20004.