Antioch College
Arts + Sciences Building Renovation

As part of a $15M dollar building and renovation campaign, Antioch College allocated $7.5M for renovations and updates to the Arts and Sciences Building with a strong emphasis on the building’s educational spaces, the College’s respected Arts program and the addition of both Physics and Optics Laboratories in the general program. By bringing the arts and sciences under a single roof, the campus is creating unprecedented opportunities for collaboration and bringing a model for interdisciplinary instruction and learning to the heart of its historic campus.

Within each classroom, BrightTree Studios designed the audiovisual infrastructure and system to include 4300 lumen WXGA Panasonic projection; VGA and HDMI connection for laptops; speakers and a 5” touchpanel which controls all aspects of the audio visual system.

Basic Lecture Halls include a 7000 lumen WXGA projector with a wide angle lens and a SMART
‘sympodium’ to allow annotation over any laptop display. Enhanced Lecture Halls include the same functionality as with the following updgrades: A 7000 lumen WXGA projector with a wide angle lens; a region free BluRay DVD Player; a 7.1 surround sound system with appropriate speakers, subwoofers, and amplification; a gooseneck microphone on the podium; and a 7” touchpanel.

Wireless Collaboration Classrooms include a 4300 lumen WXGA Panasonic projector, four 60” LED displays designed to provide each student group a local display, speakers and a 7” touchpanel which controls all aspects of the audio visual system. With the press of a single button, the entire system is automated and a professor can send content to one or all displays instantly.

ClientAntioch CollegeLocationYellow Springs, OHMarketHigher Education ServicesAudiovisual: Infrastructure & Systems Design; Construction Documents; Bid and Project ManagementAwards / PressLEED Certified